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The Racing Buggers are Getting Creative

Believe it or not one our largest race tracks is hidden beneath those giant balls of cotton wool! But why? I hear you ask.

Well unfortunately we don't quite want to reveal all just yet..but lets just say one of our favourite racing hang-outs is having a bit (quite a big) overhaul! The new design will leave your head up in clouds; excuse the pun, whilst you dream of being a champion racing driver. There may also be a bit of EXPLORING hint* hint* so that you can challenge and explore your true driving talents

You see, our racing buggers aren't just good at miniature cars and Motorsport. They are very handy with bespoke tasks, wonderfully creative and artistic, and have an ability to make almost anything possible. Funnily enough they are also very good at testing all of our games too!

If you are regular Racing Bug fan you may have already seen when our new clouds are appearing, so keep an eye out for more changes along the way!


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