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The Scale Radio Controlled Hondas are Out in Force this Weekend.

This bank holiday weekend there is certainly a Honda theme within The Racing Bug. Of all of the cars and bespoke vehicles that we can produce, what are the chances of two our events featuring miniature Hondas this weekend.

To start with we are supporting Landsail Tyres at their first ever appearance at Japfest Silverstone. Japfest is a celebration of Japanese car manufactures and exhibits the very best of Japanese cars. We will be following the theme by racing scale versions of the iconic Honda NSX Supercars. They will of course be racing around the track on Landsail tyres and with Landsail livery.

Secondly we will be a part of the Honda’s activity and entertainment offering at the Castle Combe Circuits May Day Madness race meeting. Honda supports the Dave Allen memorial trophy race which pays tribute to the ex-Honda test driver who died during the testing of a new car. We have worked with them previously on this event and are very happy to be a part of it again. We will be racing the well-known Honda Civic Type Rs at this one to match those on the circuit.

We don’t just race Hondas though, we promise! We can literally make anything become a race vehicle for our track. The most unusual so far being racing lungs on bicycles, followed by racing lawn mowers! We can make entire fleets of vehicles to match those used in your business, or create branded livery for your chosen vehicle to represent you at an event. If you need something a little more bespoke or would like to discuss options, just ask and we will get it sorted for you.


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