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The Sun May Not Be Shining but the Summer Event Season is Definitely Upon Us

A week of miserable weather and non-stop rain doesn't exactly give you the feel of summer, but a glance at our event calendar tells a different story.

Of course there are events all throughout the year. The end of the year sees Christmas parties, winter fairs and award ceremonies, and the start brings out the exhibitions and B2B marketing events. But for us, experts in motoring entertainment, it is the summer event season that really keeps us racing! With car shows, racing events, and summer fairs all happening in addition to the usual events, we certainly are busy bugs!

Fortunately The Racing Bug team are well practised and admittedly quite like the buzz (excuse the pun)! We have so many different race systems and various options available that there is sure to be something to suit. Whether big or small, inside or outside, bespoke racing vehicles or superbikes, we can offer so much more than an ordinary scalextrics track. Full driving controls, bespoke branding packages, and real time commentary and results, just to name a few things on offer.

If you're interested in hiring us then just send us an enquiry or give us call and we'll gladly assist in making your event entertainment memorable! Or if you're keen to get a bit of racing action for yourself, take a look at our permanent system installations, and keep an eye out for updates on where we're featuring.


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