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Triton Showers Race Winners at Installer Exhibition

Congratulations to the winners of the Triton showers fastest lap competition!

The week we are once again partnered with Triton Showers for the Installer Show 2019 at the Ricoh Arena.

Just as we did last year, we are providing Triton with a wonderfully branded exhibition attraction. The Platform race system is being used as a competition hub, whereby attendees compete for the fastest lap. The person with the fastest lap of that hour is crowned the winner and receives prizes and goodies from Triton themselves. It proves to be a great tool for drawing attendees to the stand, and due to our personalised race licence sign up, it is wonderfully easy data capture tool too.

Our precision focused lap time and leaderboard software is definitely used to it's best advantage with competitions such as these. It's accurate and provides real time results, therefore allowing for fair gaming and real competition. A leaderboard of the highest lap times is displayed throughout the day, and each individual race has its interactive leaderboard too. This way those competing, spectating, and our commentators always have real time results and can keep an eye on the progress of the race.

It is these added extras that make The Racing Bug race systems so much more than just a giant Scalextrics. It is the difference between nostalgic fun for entertainment, and real competitive racing providing a very unique marketing platform.

If you are looking for exhibition ideas, data capture tools, or different experiential marketing platforms, then discuss your option with us!


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