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Windscreen View Sprint Hill Climb is Out for it's Second Outing

We are delighted to announce that the new Sprint Hill Climb with Windscreen View is out again!

This weekend the new and updated Sprint Hill Climb will be providing a unique 1st person driving experience to visitors at Car-Fest North. Working with MG, drivers will blast MG3s up the rally track in a bid to get to the top the fastest. The Sprint Hill Climb has always been a great option for a speedy race and a higher footfall of people, but now it has just got even better. With new additions to the track design, LED lighting, and new windscreen view technology, this option has certainly had a modern re-vamp!

The Windscreen View element allows for an even more immersive drive as the driver has a perspective directly from inside the scale car itself. The new track additions and lighting all help to guide the way from down on the track, so drivers can get the best from an in-car view as well as having a view over the entire track. This is great addition to the driving experience as it mirrors even more of REAL motor racing.

The new windscreen view will be tried and tested by thousands this weekend at Car-Fest North and we can't wait to see what people think! Find us in Motor City at the MG stand!


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