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Scalextric / Slot Car Racing Hire

Looking for Scalextric or Slot Car Racing for your event, party or exhibition? Why not take full control!
CALL TODAY: +44 (0)1494 956851
The Racing Bug has the answer!
With real steering, pedals, live commentary and real time leader boards, our system is way more advanced and interactive than scalextrics, and therefore lots more fun!
Scalextric and Slot Car Racing
The ultimate REAL motorsport experience.

Giant Scalextric Systems or Giant Slot Car racing systems have been a mainstay of the event industry since the 1960's. The grooves or slots in the track do all the hard work and any reasonable degree of finger control can turn even the most ordinary of drivers into short term Fangio.


In contrast, The Racing Bug have taken miniature motorsport into a whole new era. The system mirrors REAL motorsport in virtually every way imaginable and brings the full racing experience to drivers of all ages and all experience levels.


Beyond the obvious benefits of full steering and pedal control, The Racing Bug experience provides a REAL, competitive, sporting challenge. There will be adrenaline, passion, vibrancy and every race will see the crowning of a new race champion! Unlike Scalextric or Slot car racing, The Racing Bug contests are as engaging to watch as they are to participate in.


For the ultimate REAL motorsport experience, don't get stuck in the groove.. choose The Racing Bug.

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