Permanent System Sales

As well as our mobile systems to hire for events, we also manufacture complete static/permanent racing systems, so that others throughout the world can share in the growth and success of The Racing Bug

We are able to offer outright purchase or leasing arrangements under which partners can operate complete systems for a fraction of the build cost and benefit from comprehensive training, maintenance support, centralised marketing and event bookings.

Racing Design work for Scalextric Style Racing Systems at Exhibitons, trade shows, festival, shows, events and parties

Look at Some of Our Existing Permanent Systems

Not just Motor Racing... 

Yes that's right, we design and create other games too! Our in-house team of skilled designers and engineers are always working on new projects to make even more competitive gaming ideas. And if we aren't working on our own, we're looking at ways to fully optimise existing arcade games to compliment our entertainment offering. 

Critter Racing Ball Game Fairground, Amusement Attraction available to Hire or Purchase
Critter Racing Party playing Interactive family attractions to hire

Look at Our Alternative Gaming Options

Don't be fooled by poor imitations!


At The Racing Bug we are aware of several ‘copy cat’ systems that have emerged in an attempt to offer an experience that mimics our systems. Please don’t be fooled by these systems, they fall a long way short of The Racing Bug experience. The Racing Bug has numerous unique features which are impossible for our competitors to copy and that are fundamental to the system working so well. In short, if it’s not a Racing Bug system, you can expect to be severely disappointed.