Permanent System Sales

As well as our mobile systems to hire for events, we also manufacture complete static/permanent racing units, so that others can share in the growth and success of The Racing Bug throughout the UK and across the rest of the world.

We are able to offer outright purchase or leasing arrangements under which partners can operate complete systems for a fraction of the build cost and benefit from comprehensive training, maintenance support, centralised marketing and event bookings.

Take a Look at Some of Our Existing Static Systems

Two of our most famous static race systems are Moonshine Raceway and World's Raceway. Both in quirky venues under The Laines pub group, they are key players at these experiential arcade pubs. They offer great entertainment for large groups or individuals looking for a night out with a difference. They have proven to be very popular and are operated with pre-booking and pay on the night options. 

Moonshine Raceway
(The Four Thieves, Battersea London) 

World's Raceway
(The World's End, Brighton) 

Introducing ACCELERATE @ Mercedes-Benz World

ACCELERATE is our brand new system at Mercedes-Benz World. Located in the iconic venue of the Brooklands Racing Circuit, Accelerate is a well suited indoor attraction that allows visitors to have their very own motorsport experience whilst admiring all things Mercedes! Racers go head to head racing bespoke Mercedes GT AMG's, enjoying the thrills of real competition and aiming for the win! Accelerate is inclusive for all visitors; families, car enthusiasts, even corporate clients, and is great for all ages and abilities. There are advantages to never having a wet race too!

Not just Motor Racing 

Yes that's right, we design and create other games too! We can't tell you about our current projects (they're a secret) but one of our great alternative arcade games is Critter Racing. Critter Racing is a brand new pub based version of the International Sport 'Critter Racing which originated in the 1920's as a method, used by farmers, to clear fields of vermin. This game rewards finesse and accuracy, and can be found nowhere else!

The Racing Bug's


Through UNIQUE RACING SYSTEMS, The Racing Bug is leading the trend for unique, engaging 'arcade' style experiences that attract and retain customers to leisure venues and pubs.  Serving a more discerning experience customer, URS provides a complete venue USP, with the ability to retain and ignite customers and drive profitability of all other aspects of the venue.  

URS is designed to provide a framework into which The Racing Bug can create any number of unique and themed experiences all based on the same awesome principles.   With URS we can create competitive race experiences for people to race literally ANYTHING!

  • Branded 'take home' token prizes

  • Gender and age neutral experiences

  • Rewarding finesse and mental agility over physicality

  • A skills based challenge that encourages repeat custom

  • Cutting edge technology

  • Robust, maintenance free design and construction for 100% up-time

  • Unique Identity, themed system for individual venues

  • Instant USP and 'Identity' for your venue

  • Available in any number of lanes / players   

How do The Racing Bug provide the ultimate mobile motorsport experience?


Our cars, circuits, and controllers are 100% designed and built in-house by our engineers with over 25 years of Precision Motorsport Engineering Experience. The result is a range of race vehicles and control systems which are not only significantly more drivable than any commercially available RC equipment but also completely indestructible. Our RF control system, Battery CLVR (Charge Life Voltage Regulator), unique ultra efficient drive-train and Steering and Pedal systems are all covered by UK Patent protection.

Don't be fooled by poor imitations!


At The Racing Bug we are aware of several of ‘copy cat’ systems that have emerged in an attempt to offer an experience that mimics our systems. Please don’t be fooled by these systems, they fall a long way short of The Racing Bug experience. The Racing Bug has numerous unique features which are impossible for our competitors to copy and that are fundamental to the system working so well. In short, if it’s not a Racing Bug system, you can expect to be severely disappointed.

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