Want to have your Christmas party at The Glitch Bar? Want to book but don't see the date or time your looking for? please get in touch and one of our team will be able to help you.

How It Works

A Glitch Bar booking is for 1hr intervals. Your booking gets you into The Glitch Bar, which includes access to the following:

  • Laine Brew Co Bar (serves food from the Glitch Menu too)

  • Arcade games such as Air Hockey, Table Football, Bubble Ice Hockey, Dance Stage 

  • 1500 2 Player Arcade Classics on the Retro Mega Screen

  • Glitch Raceway

When booking choose a "Race Package". Choosing your "Race Package" allows you to pick how many races on the raceway you want to compete in during your 1hr booking.

EXCLUSIVE Bookings - Exclusive raceway access with unlimited free racing on our Glitch Raceway, and unlimited free play on ALL arcade games. 

Group bookings (non-exclusive) - The venue will be shared with other like minded people, and the arcade machines will available to pay-per-play. Race up to as many times as you have selected in your pre-paid "Race Package".

We'll expect you to arrive at the venue anytime in advance of your booking, and you will be welcomed to the Arcade anything up to an hour before your booking start time*.  You will be invited to stay around for as long as we have capacity after your booking.

*Subject to opening and operation times. 

Don't be late... Races start on-time, Every time. 

NO CREDIT or REFUNDS can be provided for late arrivals and last minute cancellations. 

If someone in your group is always late.. tell them to wise up! - Or tell them that your booking is actually some hours earlier. 

Glitch Raceway waits for NO ONE!