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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello. Welcome to our FAQs.  If you don’t find the answers you need please feel free to get in touch, we are always happy to help.

The Glitch Arcade & Bar opening times flex subject to our booking demand.

If you are intending to arrive earlier than 15 minutes before you booking

please contact us to confirm that we will be open.

What is this place?

The Glitch Bar and Arcade is a new hang out upstairs at the famous The Joiner on Worship pub in Shoreditch.

The Racing Bug have teamed up with The Joiner on Worship to turn the second floor into an amazing arcade bar, starring a 10 driver Glitch Raceway, arcade games; (the classics and never before seen), as well as a well-stocked bar sponsored by Laine Brew Co.



What's at The Glitch Bar & Arcade?


  • Air Hockey

  • Iconic Classic Arcade Machines

  • 2x Basketball Machines

  • Dance Stage

  • 2 Player Arcade Action on our Mega screen

  • 10 driver Glitch Raceway

  • Laine Brew Co Glitch Bar

What's the capacity?

The Glitch Arcade has a capacity of 100, Coupled with the first floor bar (available for private events) the total capacity becomes 220.


How does it work?

A Glitch Bar booking is for 1 hour intervals, or you can book the whole place exclusively.  A booking gives you access to the bar and arcade games, and your choice of “Race Package” determines how many races you have during your booked hour.


VIP Package bookings include Free-Play on ALL machines and Unlimited racing on the Glitch Raceway. Subject to your booking size, you will not be the only guests in the Glitch Arcade as other guests will be invited to use the bar and facilities to help with capacity flow - you will however have exclusivity over the entertainment, and have your own exclusive tables.


For individual & group bookings, The Glitch Bar & Arcade will be shared with other like-minded people, and the arcade machines will be available for contactless pay-per-play. Race up to as many times as you have selected in your pre-paid “Race package.”



When is it open? Can I just turn up?

Tuesday - Wednesday: Please make a booking.
Thursday - Saturday: Just turn up and Pay to Play or make a booking to secure your place!

Book Here

The Bar Booking Slots are:

Thurs           5:00pm-9:00pm

Fri                4:00pm-9:00pm

Sat*             3:00pm-10:00pm

Please Contact Us to discuss Exclusive bookings available outside of these times


The Joiner on Worship is open to walk in customers during its opening hours shown here:


How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on what “Race Package” you select and what time and/or day your booking slot is. Take a look at our webpage for more info.


Or try making a booking for your chosen package, time and day, and it will show you how much it will cost:

​What are the different packages all about?

The “Race Package” allows you to choose how much actual racing you do during your stay.  Pub based motorsport is best enjoyed with breaks for critical rehydration between races.   The smaller, low cost packages provide less racing, more refuelling & spectating.  Larger, higher cost packages provide more racing, less waiting – It’s that simple.

How long does a booking last?

The Glitch Bar bookings are 1 hour slots – Starting on the hour. However, you can increase this by booking neighbouring slots.  Why not choose a smaller package for 2 or more concurrent hours to extend your stay and relax your race experience? 


What happens after our hour/slot?

You will be invited to stay around for as long as we have capacity after your booking.  If the arcade fills up we may ask you to head back down to the Joiner on Worship bars to continue your post race analysis and refuelling.



Can I book longer than an hour?

Yes.  For longer sessions including racing, you can book neighbouring slots.  For individual & group bookings you might choose a “Race Package” with less track-time (like Nervous Rooky) but book 2 (or more) neighbouring hours - This would get you a 2 hour slot in glitch arcade with races spread out more within your session.



When should we arrive?

Please note: The Glitch Arcade & Bar opening times flex subject to booking demand (this might be why we were open at a different time on your last visit!)  Please Contact Us if you wish to gain earlier access than your booking time.

We do welcome you to take on invaluable pre-race fluids with our partner downstairs at anytime, its opening hours shown here: thejoineronworship


*Saturdays: Please note that bookings made for 15:00 are likely to be our first bookings of the day.
Under normal circumstances you will not be able to gain access to the venue any earlier than 15 minutes before your
booking start time. It may be possible to allow you earlier access, but please contact us on the morning of your
booking for confirmation. 


Will we be able to drink and drive?

Hey - Don't Drink & Drive! (unless you're in the Glitch Raceway!)  We have a well-stocked bar sponsored by Laines Brew Co and you can also pre order drinks packages or a bar tab during the booking process.  We've got you covered.


What happens if we're late for our booking?

There's only 1 Raceway at The Glitch Bar therefore we have Limited capacity and bookings available for every hour. 


If you’re running LATE there’s no need to contact us – The Raceway will be staffed and engines running and waiting for you at the time you booked.  Your booking means that we will reserve capacity specifically for you – at exactly the time you specified. 


There will be other bookings scheduled directly after your slot which we can’t delay.  Try to make as much of your booking slot as you can and we'll try to get you racing as much as possible in what time remains of your slot.  No Refunds will be offered for part or fully missed slots.


Races (and bookings) start on-time, every time!


NO CREDIT or REFUNDS can be provided for late arrivals or last minute cancelations. 


If someone in your group is always late, tell them to wise up! - Or tell them that your booking is actually some hours earlier. Glitch Raceway waits for NO ONE!  


Can I cancel or change my existing booking?
Yes but subject to an admin fee. 

Non VIP bookings may be refunded, re-scheduled or vouchered subject to an admin charge with 48 hours notice - via the change my booking portal.  Inside of 48hrs your booking is Non Changeable and Non-Refundable.


Can my group book and pay individually?

Yes, Individuals can make separate bookings for the same slot up until the slot fills up. Some slots may require a minimum amount of people so individual bookings may not be accepted for particular slots. It is best to book the group as one to confirm that we have the appropriate capacity for your numbers. This is ensures no one gets left out and will open more slots up to you. 


How old do I have to be?

Over 18’s Only

The Glitch Bar and The Joiner on Worship are strictly Over 18’s only – at all times


After 6pm daily we operate a Challenge 25 policy, which means if you look under 25 we may ask you for ID to prove you are over the age of 18.  Only valid, physical forms of ID will be accepted. We ID at the bar as well as at the door so please don’t take offence if you are asked several times.

Does my booking Guarantee me entry to the venue?

NO, the Glitch Arcade and Glitch Raceway are owned and operated independently of the wider venue and The Joiner on Worship.  In booking on this site you are accepting your responsibility to ensure you meet the reasonable entry conditions of the wider venue.  We’ll be staffed and revved up ready for your booking. No Refunds will be offered on refusal of entry. 

What can I wear?

We follow The Joiner on Worship's no hoodies and no sportswear policy, so don't wear those! Otherwise just dress to look suitable stylish and trendy for your Instagram pics.



Do you cater to Stags & Hens

Yes we cater to all special occasions including stags, hens, birthdays etc. Feel free to contact us about any such bookings for your special occasion. Our hosts may even sing you a song ;-)



Can I hire privately or for an event?

Yes, we have VIP packages and private hire available which includes all include free play on all our arcade games, unlimited races on the raceway, food and/or drink options and bar tabs. Please feel free to contact us for more tailored packages.


When you book our VIP packages online, a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your food/drink options.


Is it a bit like Go Karting?

The Glitch Raceway experience is much more vibrant and interactive than go-karting. The action is as engaging to watch as it is to participate in and with drivers seated shoulder-to-shoulder the emotion of the experience is evident at every turn. Our race vehicles are all precision performance matched and Glitch Raceway is a shared experience that you’ll never forget. Wouldn’t it be great if all motorsport took place in a bar!?    



Is it a bit like Scalextrix?

Imagine Scalextrix where you’re not stuck in a groove! Then add real steering and pedal controls, precision race timing and no need to keep retrieving your car from under the sofa. Glitch Raceway is real motorsport, just miniaturised.



Can we book The Glitch Bar & Arcade for Christmas parties?

Yes, the Glitch Arcade, Glitch Bar and all of The Joiner on Worship is available for the very best exclusive Christmas Parties.  Please contact us for more information and to discuss your perfect party package. 

Find us in The Glitch Bar, upstairs above The Joiner on Worship:
2-4 Paul St, London EC2A 4JH

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