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Opening Times
The Glitch Bar & Arcade operates on a booking only policy.

This means that Glitch Arcade & Bar opening times flex subject to our booking demand. 
If you are intending to arrive early, please contact Glitch to make sure we will be open.

We welcome you to take on invaluable pre-race fluids with our partner - The Joiner on Worship, downstairs at anytime, in advance of your booking - during its opening hours shown here:




5:00pm - 10:00pm


4:00pm -10:00pm


3:00pm -10:00pm



Last Booking is 1 hour before  the times listed here.

We're BIG on exclusives here at Glitch!

Contact Us to discuss Exclusive Bookings of the entire arcade!

*Fridays : Depending on demand we currently have a 10pm or 11pm close, the bar closes 15mins before last booking end time.

(We are currently working towards expanding hours with demand increases, so closing time is subject to change. )

**Saturdays: Please note that bookings made for 3:00pm are likely to be our first bookings of the day.
Under normal circumstances you will not be able to gain access to the venue any earlier than 15 minutes before your
booking start time. It may be possible to allow you earlier access, but please contact us on the morning of your
booking for confirmation. 

Find us in The Glitch Bar, upstairs above The Joiner on Worship:
2-4 Paul St, London EC2A 4JH

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