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The Glitch Bar VIP Package is the ULTIMATE experience for your event, birthday, celebration, work outing... or maybe you don't need an excuse (we won't judge!) and just want to let loose and have an amazing night out in London with your mates!!

Our venue hosts will be there ready & waiting to greet you, help you set up any table decorations if necessary, and show you around the facilities to get you ready for an awesome experience!

We will make sure your group gets lots of racing and gaming during your visit, it’s just non-stop FUN!


The Glitch Raceway will always be available for you and your Racing Crew during your VIP Booking. Launch into the thrills of motorsport, as soon as you've replaced your fluids and taken on some refuelling! Whether your guests fancy themselves a Le Mans Endurance Racer, or a Hill Climb Hero, you'll have as much racing as you could all want!

And when you're not racing, you can enjoy all our arcade games! They will all be set exclusively to FREE PLAY just for you, meaning you and your guests won't pay a penny extra to settle any other outstanding rivalries.
Find out who is the ultimate 3 point sinker on our NBA Hoops and "Hit
 Nothing But Net". Or maybe your talents lie in being the best button masher (sorry, the "No, I Meant to do That", Combo Master) in Street Fighter. Perhaps it's your lightning quick reflexes on Air Hockey that will be your calling, or 2 step your way to victory on our Dance Machine. Whatever game you fancy - we've got you covered!

No waiting, no queueing - just hop on and hit our Green Free Play buttons and jump straight into the action of your favourite games!

BarTab_V001 ARO 24 06 22-01.png

Your VIP Booking includes a WHOPPING Food & Drinks tab for you and your guests to spend on a selection from our partner pub: The Joiner on Worship. 

Want to spend it all on drinks? Go for it!
Or how about getting your guests to pre-choose their food before the night - so you maximise your Racing & Gaming time? Great idea!
You want a glass of bubbly for all your guests on entry? You got it! 
You want a load of pizza for your table? Sure!

Your tab...your way.

For your group booking, pre orders of food & drink must be made within one week of your booking date.

Alternatively varied/limited options & menu may apply.


Please see the Joiner on Worship menu HERE to begin deciding what you would like to order.
Do a whip round the office, drop a message in your WhatsApp Group and find out what they want.

A member of the Glitch Venue Team will be in touch to discuss your Food & Drink selections.

We're not like other places, we at Glitch think your great night out should last the WHOLE evening,

not just start off with a bang and fizzle out.

So if you thought getting any included tab with your booking was good... you'll love that our tab is PER HOUR BOOKED - for you to spend any way you wish within your booking time. 


So Book 3 hours, get 3x tabs worth!

It's all INCLUDED in your VIP package!


Dietary requirements catered for

- Just let us know!

G_VIP Deposit Details

Booking will reserve your time & date but will not be confirmed until the required food and drinks tab has been paid.

With the Glitch VIP Package, it's ALL paid for. No need to worry about budgeting

for drinks for your lot,or sorting the food and the entertainment, we've got you covered!

Food/Drink, Games and indoor RACING...where else could you go to get all this?!

Bookings of at least 2 hours are recommended

As time really does fly when you are having fun, especially at Glitch!


All bookings are subject to a booking fee of up to 3%

100 Guest Capacity

Find us in The Glitch Bar, upstairs above The Joiner on Worship:
2-4 Paul St, London EC2A 4JH

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