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Unique Racing Systems

Not just Motor Racing

Through UNIQUE RACING SYSTEMS (URS), The Racing Bug is leading the trend for unique engaging 'arcade' style experiences that attract and retain customers at leisure venues and pubs. 
Serving a more discerning experience for the customer, URS provides any venue with a unique attraction, the opportunity to retain and ignite customers, and drive profitability of all other aspects of the venue too.  


URS is designed to provide a framework into which The Racing Bug can create any number of unique and themed experiences all based on the same awesome principles.  With URS we can create competitive experiences for people to race literally ANYTHING!

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Advantages of Unique Racing Systems

  • Branded 'take home' token prizes

  • Gender and age neutral experiences

  • Rewarding finesse and mental agility over physicality

  • A skills based challenge that encourages repeat custom

  • Cutting edge technology

  • Robust, maintenance free design and construction for 100% up-time

  • Unique Identity, themed system for individual venues

  • Instant USP and 'Identity' for your venue

  • Available in any number of lanes / players   

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