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As well as our event systems, we also manufacture complete static/permanent race systems so that others

throughout the world can share in the growth and success of The Racing Bug.

If you would like to discuss raceway and business opportunities please contact us. 


ImageStips 070224_Worlds.png
ImageStips 070224_Moonshine.png
ImageStips 070224_Glitch.png
ImageStips 070224_Floodgate.png
ImageStips 070224_Playhouse.png


ImageStips V002 PNO 070224_HalluNeed.png
ImageStips V002 PNO 070224_Monkey.png
ImageStips V002 PNO 070224_Gotham.png
ImageStrips V001 PNO 150324_Epinal.png
ImageStips_Coming Soon .png
How do The Racing Bug Provide the Ultimate Motorsport Experience?

Our cars, circuits, and controllers are 100% designed and built in-house by our engineers with over 25 years of Precision Motorsport Engineering Experience. The result is a range of race vehicles and control systems which are not only significantly more drivable than other commercially available RC equipment, but are also completely indestructible. Our RF control system, Battery CLVR (Charge Life Voltage Regulator), unique ultra efficient drive-train, Steering and Pedal systems are all covered by UK Patent protection.

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