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Moonshine Raceway was the first of The Racing Bug Raceway success stories, and is still just as popular as ever. Set within the iconic Battersea arcade pub, The Four Thieves, Moonshine Raceway adds and an adrenaline filled racing competition to an awesome night out.


Whilst people re-fuel at the Laine Brew & Co bar, they can enjoy the thrills and laughs of real motor sport on a miniature scale. With full driving controls, a real-time leader board, and live commentary, racers get a unique but realistic racing experience. With 10 drivers at a time, there is plenty of room on the track for friends and competitors alike to go head-to-head and aim for the champion spot.  


We also have two other of our unique racing experiences at The Four Thieves in the form of Critter Racing & Gopher Racing. They are made especially for this unique venue.
Read more about Critter Racing here.
Read more about Gopher Racing here.

See it for yourself

Have a question for us? Even though we love hearing from you, please read our FAQ'S before contacting us directly.

Tel: 01280 822 522

Mobile: +44(0)7767 870 191



Find us upstairs in the arcade at:

The Four Thieves

51 Lavender Gardens
Battersea, SW11 1DJ​

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