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The Racing Bug team have brought the thrills of our motorsport experience to the South of France!

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Located in Agen, "Monky", is a 5000m2 indoor multi-activity complex which is dedicated to providing great games, live sport and excellent food.It is the perfect location for the whole family and corporate clients alike, to spend the day (& night)!


Monky is the ONLY place outside of the UK to be lucky enough to have their very own Critter Racing.
Monky have a show-stopping 10 Lanes, dual 3D digital display marquee with their very own Monky mascot as the Racing Critters! The system is completed by being fully loaded with French language graphics.

The Hyundai Manfé Raceway - powered by The Racing Bug, is the centrepiece spectacle, in the heart of Monky. The mezzanine balcony offers unparalleled views of the action as up to 10 drivers battle it out to take the top spot.


Monky Hyundai Manfe Automobiles.jpg
Monky_White_Plan de travail 1.png

And if you can tear yourself away from the TRB racing action (you wouldn't be the first who couldn't!), there's plenty else at Monky for you to have a go at. With a 16 lane bowling alley beneath a behmoth of a screen - it really is a JUMBO jumbo screen - you can watch all the action in the latest sports whilst splitting pins with your buddies. Maybe arcade games, Virtual Reality, Laser Tag or Escape Rooms are more your thing, Monky have got you covered!





10.00am - 12.00am

10.00am - 2.00am

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