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The Racing Bug Helping Driving Awareness Training at Yara's Global Safety Day

Today, @The Racing Bug have one of our Truck based race systems visiting @

Yara Safety Corporate Training

Yara UK in York as part of their Global Safety Day!

Yara is the world’s leading fertilizer company and a provider of environmental solutions. They have partnered with us to focus on the driver safety aspect of their corporate training day.

Whilst the fast pace racing and competition will of course add fun and excitement to the day, it’s important that the system has a bespoke design tailored to suit the days training objectives. To deliver driving safety messages we have implemented:

  • A speed control zone,

  • A pedestrian crossing,

  • A varied track representing driving conditions in different weathers i.e. ice and mud

  • And of course testing their resilience against using phones whilst driving, by actually calling them during the race!

The idea of simulating driver safety awareness on a scale track is a perfect way to encompass teambuilding and memorable training in a corporate environment. The system has really shown its versatility at this event, being fun and interesting but also an educational tool that people will remember.

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