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The Racing Bug Hill Climb Sprint Challenge is coming out for the Farnborough International Airshow t

Hill Sprint Outdoor Show entertainment

The Hill Climb Sprint Challenge is a super-fast driving experience, and it’s taking off to the Farnborough International Airshow. The track is an uphill blast and can be completed very quickly, in as little as 12 seconds if the driver is suitably speedy! It's an intense action fuelled challenge and can accommodate an extremely high footfall of participants. Due to the rapid turnover of racers it's great with the large crowds, serving as the perfect data capture tool as each racer signs up for their personalised driver’s license and their turn to compete.

The airshow will see us racing Jeep Grand Cherokees up the hill. Racers will be trying to get to the top in the shortest time possible, and make it on to the digital leader board. The Grand Cherokees will be a new addition to The Racing Bug's fleet so our production team will be busy this week making new car moulds and awesome bespoke livery.

We are also supplying one of our Freestanding GP racing systems for this event, racing 10 Fiat 500's.

Two systems for the same weekend complete with event shelters, full branding, and new cars and livery. All with a weeks’ notice! We thrive on a challenge at The Racing Bug - looking forward to being the undisputed experiential star of this magnificent event.

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