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F1 World Champions Racing Where We Are!

supercars racing simulator at silverstone

This weekend we are at the World Endurance Championships at Silverstone, and F1 World Champions Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso are going to be there too! It is the long anticipated “6 Hours of Silverstone” event, and having Button and Alonso competing will make it all the more exciting!

The Racing Bug however won’t just be racing for the 6 hours endurance race. As part of the inclusive family entertainment offered at Silverstone, we will be providing family fun for all 3 days of the event. Our scale supercars will be raced in our own championship, giving motorsport and racing fans a chance to get a real racing simulation of their own. They can get behind the wheel and steer their car through the twists and turns of our track, and see who can achieve the most laps in the quickest time.

Who will be the champion of the track? Can they endure the pressure?

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