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The New Fuel Station Addition To The Race Track

Can you believe we hadn’t had a request for a Fuel Station before?

Branded Fuel Station Track Accessories

Our first fuel station has been created! Requested especially for a high profile event last weekend, the bespoke track addition went out to impress. We were representing Esso and Mobil 1, so a fuel station was a very appropriate addition to the theming of the track.

The fuel station sat over the pit lane and starting grid, resulting in every drivers focus being drawn to the fully branded fuel station at the start of every race. A clever marketing idea when the system is being used as an experiential marketing platform at events and trade shows.

Alongside the fully branded track, system and event shelter, this bespoke addition of a fuel station really helped to engage and fuel brand awareness!

If you’re thinking of hiring a race system and want to add a personal touch, or have the system adapted to suit the purpose of your event, we would be happy to discuss your options. We have a whole range of adaptations we can make, take a look here:

If you have a specific idea in mind and don’t see it on our website, then don’t hesitate to ask. With a creative team like ours at The Racing Bug we are confident we can make it happen.

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