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Martin Writes a Review of the MSV Trackday at Snetterton

As someone who used to know Snetterton inside-out I was curious to test the 300 circuit - the full version of the new (I realise it’s not that new!) layout. What a masterstroke. I'm not surprised that the new sections are so well designed. All circuits are designed rather than just tarmacked these days, but the genius is in the integration. The circuit keeps all of its original best bits, the old 'Sear' corner won't be missed (maybe by track limits stewards) and the back straight remains plenty long enough to check everything, phone your insurance company etc before you get busy again.

The most notable thing though about the 'new' Snetterton and the MSV Trackday, was just how great the resident team are. Everyone involved seems genuinely committed to ensuring you have a great day. Customer service at a track day - when did that start?! Even when we had problems, infringing the noise limit and some idiot blocking our trailer in - all the staff were 100% positive and couldn't have be more helpful - unequivocal Gold Star!

Nobody enjoys sitting through the driver briefing but the team at Snetterton make it concise and staggeringly, even genuinely amusing. Perhaps the highlight of the day though; discovering proper industrial hand cleaner in the soap dispensers of the pit lane toilets! That says "we think about our customer and we want to go the extra mile" Great work team MSV/Snetterton!

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