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Gavin Writes: Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling

Even hard working Racing Bugs need a holiday, but we never like to be far from the competitive action. So in August it was bye bye to Racing Bug HQ and hello to the road-racing capital of the world, The Isle of Man for the Festival of Motorcycling and the Manx Grand Prix.

Sketchy weather shortened a lot of the practise sessions so there were some nervous riders lining up at the top of Bray Hill ready to take on the world-famous TT mountain course for the Manx Senior on Friday 31st Aug.

Thankfully the famously fickle Manx weather was smiling on the day though, resulting in one of the best Senior Manx races in recent history.

Here's No 39 Andy McPherson on his GSX-R making it look easy as he gets his knee down round the slow right-hander at Ballacraine before getting hard on the gas in second and powering up towards Doran's Bend- perfect riding!

If your riding isn't up to Andy's standard but you still like a bit of competition then we're aiming to be back on the island for TT 2019 with one of our amazing truck-based 10 bike race systems at a very famous location on the TT course.

So if you like amazing scenery, amazing food, amazing people and above all amazing racing then come and join us for our TT adventure!

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