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Great Racing Fun at the UK Forex Awards Ceremony!

Uk Forex Awards Corporate entertainment

Last night The Racing Bug had great fun providing the entertainment at the UK Forex Awards Event.

After many awards were given and received, guests celebrated with an evening of socialising and competitive racing. They were competing for yet another award (The greatest of all), the title of The Racing Bug Champion and whoever achieved it would be awarded with a bottle of champagne. The winner of last night’s challenge was the best driver RAZ! So a big well done to him!

During the evening a couple of celebratory drinks were consumed as is only natural, so we definitely had a few drink drivers on our race track. Fortunately with miniature motorsport this is allowed, and is one of the great benefits of having us where alcohol and laughter is concerned! This only added to the fun and giggles coming from the drivers and spectators, and The Racing Bug team certainly had fun hosting this one too!

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