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Comedy Arcade @ Up The Creek On It's Way!

It's getting very busy and exciting here at The Racing Bug HQ! Getting ready to install not only one of our famous raceways, but all of the arcade games too. There will be retro games, the classics, and never before seen new ones, all with The Racing Bug twist.

The raceway, suitably named Up Ya Raceway is due to be a star attraction encouraging arcade visitors to really get into the competitive spirit of things.10 drivers will go head to head in this ultimate racing challenge as they steer and exhilarate their miniature car to success. They will experience the thrills and challenges(especially after a few drinks) of real motorsport alongside friends, or lets say competitors, but either way great fun!

Comedy Arcade and Up The Creek is soon to be the perfect place for entertaining all as it has something for everyone. Situated upstairs at the Up The Creek comedy club in Greenwich, people can have the ultimate evening of fun with comedy, good food, music, and that all important bar! Now we've added an awesome quirky arcade to the mix so the laughs will keep on going!

Keep an eye out for more details as the Comedy Arcade fun develops!

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