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Formula 1 Sir Jackie Stewart Using Motorsport Technology to Help Find Dementia Cure.

It’s wonderful to hear of legend Sir Jackie Stewart’s latest project to find a cure for Dementia.

The F1 legend is founding a project that gives new medical researchers the opportunity to develop and learn from the innovative ways of the motorsport industry. The motorsport industry is famous for its fast technological advances, and now the knowledge is being shared with the medical industry.

The aim of the project is for Formula 1 teams to aid and encourage new medical technologists of dementia to think and work in the dynamic ways in which motorsport professionals do. It hopes to bring a new insight and new technology into the medical field, allowing for more successful research results which in turn can lead to cure for dementia.

The project has been inspired by Sir Jackie Stewart’s wife, Lady Helen Stewart, who started suffering from dementia 4 years ago.

A great motorsport legend, and an inspiration to us here at The Racing Bug!

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