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Spooktactular Halloween Racing

Happy Halloween from us here at The Racing Bug, we hope it's a spooktacular one!

Halloween celebrations have probably happened for most of you last weekend, but if not, tonight's the night to pull out all the stops!

The party certainly got underway this weekend at the Laines pubs; Four Thieves, and Worlds End. We have permanent raceways installed at these experience pubs, and seeing various monsters in the line up to compete was definitely an entertaining watch. Whilst no weekend is that normal when miniature motor racing is involved, it was certainly a bit different this weekend. Some giant scary creatures even took over the raceway as seen in many a sci-fi film!

World's End had an appropriately named "End of the World" party. And the Four Thieves went for spooky fairground twist. Both were very popular events, and they definitely showed what great venues they are for celebrating. After seeing the fun had at the weekend we are certainly looking forward to being involved in the upcoming Christmas offerings. Plenty of racing in the festive times ahead!

halloween party event

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