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Honda's Synchro Motorsport Team Race With Us at Corporate Event

At yesterday’s launch event at Honda we were pleasantly surprised to have members of Honda’s Synchro Motorsport team join us for a race.

The Honda Synchro Motorsport team are an endurance race team made up of people who work in manufacturing and the development of Honda vehicles as well as racing. What a superb way to show the durability of a vehicle, by putting it through many an endurance test and show people how brilliantly they perform. These guys certainly do that!

Yesterday some of the team joined us for a race of our miniature scale Hondas instead. They didn’t come top of our leader board as they’re used to in the large scale cars, but it was certainly a fun one! It always a pleasure to have real race drivers competing on track, and it was a nice touch at the Honda corporate event.

Honda Corporate Event Motorsport Team racing

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