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A Sneak Peek of Mercedes-Benz World’s New Interactive Racing Challenge.

It’s official. Mercedes-Benz World are having a The Racing Bug raceway!

Yes that’s right! We are building and installing a permanent scale raceway at Mercedes-Benz World.

Mercedes-Benz World is a motoring dream. With racing simulators, driving experiences, and spectacular displays, it’s the perfect place for any driving enthusiast. Even those not old enough to drive in public can still enjoy a full range of driving activities. The latest of which will soon be The Racing Bug’s world leading scale motor racing experience! Mercedes-Benz World will be appropriately naming it “Accelerate” The Interactive Racing Challenge.

"Accelerate”, provided by The Racing Bug, is a unique Actual Reality racing experience. Participants will race scale GT AMG’s with precise and realistic controls. Unlike most motor racing experiences, the nature of our raceway means it is suitable for all ages (much younger drivers can even enlist the help of a co-driver if needed), and 2 of the driving consoles at Mercedes-Benz World will be wheelchair accessible. It is an inclusive attraction providing competitive fun for all driving abilities and spectators too. It’s fun, it’s competitive and it’s real racing. A perfect new addition to Mercedes-Benz World

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