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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…as The Racing Bug proudly present the ICE RACING CHALLEN

A wonderfully festive creation, the Ice Racing Challenge is a wintery adaptation of our famous racing attraction. Perfect for all winter wonderlands and Christmassy events, racers can compete to have the quickest lap time with pickup trucks loaded with precious cargo…Presents!

Set amongst snow covered mountains, the track replicates the icy race circuit inspired by the Andros Trophy ice racing championship. However in true Racing Bug style we have made it our own with the addition of some extra festive touches (Christmas trees, fairy lights, snow men, etc!) to really get into the spirit of things!

This project has shown just how adaptable the race system can be. With our design and manufacturing all done at The Racing Bug HQ, we could make a completely bespoke system just for the festive season. And whilst motorsport usually quietens at this time of year, the Ice Racing Challenge will certainly engage people in a new motorsport activity all of its own.

Winter Wonderland Ice Racing Challenge Christmas Event Attraction

We are sure to spread the festive cheer and plenty of racing joy with this one!


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