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Don't make Halloween a Ghost of Covid Past!

Whilst Trick or Treat is a no go zone, and spooktacular house parties will be eerily quiet, at least some places will be open this weekend for those frighteningly good treats!

All of our raceways and arcades will be open, and we're still taking bookings for this weekend! We know everyone still wants to go out and make most of Halloween so why not head out for some Covid secure fun, rather than clawing at the walls with your witches nails!

Here's a run down of what's open if your fancy getting your teeth into it...

London, Battersea, The Four Thieves Pub, Moonshine Raceway

Book an "Arcade Table" to get yourself access to the arcade floor at The Four Thieves. Here you can get food, drink, arcade games (including the famous Critter Racing) and of course race your fellow enemies; or friends depending on sore loser syndrome, on the Moonshine Raceway.

Book your "Arcade Table" here and await a link to pre-book your racing package:

For more info:

London, Shoreditch, The Glitch Bar @ SiNK Pong

Book your slot at The Glitch Bar and have yourself lots of competitive fun, with a whole range of arcade classics, plus a giant indoor raceway to show who's champion. Enjoy the vibes, and try somewhere new!

Book here:

For more info:

Brighton, Worlds End, Worlds Raceway

Book unlimited racing on World's Raceway and get entry into the exclusive World End Arcade. With it's limited spaces, you and your bubble can have some chill out time with a difference at this place! We're even open on Sunday this week especially for you!

Book here:

For more info:


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