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The Raceways are Back!

After the longest pit stop ever we are very pleased to say that all of our Raceways are re-refuelled and back in action! With the re-opening of World Raceway at The World's End in Brighton last weekend, we can now say we're complete!

Our Raceways were closed in March, along with rest of the UK, firstly when pubs were closed down and then when the main lockdown was put in place. We have been working hard ever since, to give all of our Raceways the love and updates that they deserve to get them ready for the new normal. We adapted the raceways and our protocols to meet the new guidelines and advice, so when a hosting venue was ready, we were right there with them. Here are some of the changes we've made to protect both staff and customers..

-All raceways have been fitted with separation screens between drivers

-Contactless payment terminals

-New cleaning protocols

-New online booking systems

-Reduced numbers in venues

-Constantly updating packages, deals and booking options to match current guidelines

Nothing is quite back to the normal as we know it but its great to see people back on the race track and enjoying fun competition again (and not in the form of online Quizzes!)

Planning to get out of the house, or looking for something different to do?

Check out the Raceways:

Moonshine Raceway, Battersea, London @ The Four Thieves

Glitch Raceway @ The Glitch Bar, Shoreditch, London (above SinkPong)

Worlds Raceway, Brighton @ Worlds End

Accelerate, Brooklands, Weybridge @ Mercedes-Benz World


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