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Large Silver Appleyard Progress

Almost a year later and our Silver Appleyards are definitely large and all grown up.

This time last year (yes just as lockdown hit to make things more complicated) we were on the search to find good local breeders with hatching eggs ready to put in our new incubator. The new duck compound was just being finished, and the new pond had been dug out.

The lockdown had made everyone poultry mad, so we just joined in and put ourselves on the waiting list for the hatching eggs.

After two successful hatches; one of pure appleyards and another of a mix, we had some lovely ducklings causing chaos and mess as they should. We managed to get the new pond and compound ready in time for their moving in date. It has since proven to be a success. No escaping ducks and more importantly no intruders!

We're sure to be hatching more this year so that we can really get going with our conservation of this lovely breed. We want to be sure to only be breeding from the best. If you have any show stopping breeders, and good quality hatching eggs then do let us know. It would be

great to start a conversation with like minded people.


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