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More Rare Breed Large Silver Appleyards Have Arrived

Over the weekend we had our second hatch of Large Silver Appleyards arrive.

Of course not so "large" at the moment, as we now have a lovely little group of ducklings to take care of again. The previous hatch are now at 5 weeks old and have all moved outside into the specially made duck compound. The new arrivals will be under our care and watchful eye for the next month inside, so now the mess can start all over again!

When all of the ducks have matured and started to lay, we hope to breed from them, so that we can help to conserve this rare breed. Ducks tend to mate in the spring and summer, so it's likely that we'll be waiting until next year until we start hatching our own eggs.

Until then, we should get to try some tasty duck eggs with our breakfast!


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