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The Studs Have Arrived

Introducing new alpaca studs Melford Green's Lenny and Sciarra to Meadow Valley Farm.

Today was an exciting day as thanks to Melford Green Alpacas, we have a new studs joining the family, just in time for mating season.

Sciarra is almost 4 and his first Cria are due this summer. Now that he's had some practice , we're excited to see how his showy Bozedown and Snowmass genetics will add to our herd. He could well be destined to be Meadow Valley's head sire.

Lenny is a Melford Green favourite that we'd spotted on a visit previously. He really is a beautiful true solid black that just stood out proud in the field. Sure to catch your eye, we looking forward to adding even more colour to the herd, as we're already expecting a cria of his later this summer.

Keep an eye on the website for their full profiles to be added.


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